PM2 supporting all three data sort as the base for its application meanings and changes

PM2 supporting all three data sort as the base for its application meanings and changes

JSON vs. JavaScript vs. YAML

PM2 assists all three file types since the schedule the product definitions and personalization. Decide on your favorite an individual and decide on it, there are no important things about determining for example or some other.

Wea€™re lovers of JSON and often will put on display your all tips in JSON structure. grindr Just choose the snippets to JS or YAML.

Configure Various Programs in one single JSON File

Within an earlier published tutorial, a persona€™ve currently viewed PM2a€™s capacity to control expert product options using a JSON data. Youa€™ve dozens of available options to tailor the behaviors of your own programs handled by PM2.

Around the JSON data, PM2 uses the apps critical as foundation for a summary of classified apps. Individual each software into an object and offer the determined alternatives with individual standards. Here example explains three applications: futurestudio-homepage , futurestudio-worker and futurestudio-api . All three tasks have actually their own entry point (JS file) which is certainly documented given that the price for program .


PM2 needs you to definitely give at minimum the name and program characteristics to properly address and begin the characterized product. The worthiness for name are utilized by PM2 as a reference to the system and should special.

To begin with the described methods inside the pm2-apps.json , utilize the pm2 management series utility and referral the JSON document. PM2 will immediately identify each application begin them at once.

The snippet above illustrates the operation of beginning many methods through the pm2-apps.json document (above). In case that a loan application (documented by name) wasna€™t currently managing, PM2 begins they. The moment the creating regimen regarding functions complete, wea€™ll start to see the normal summary of processes managed by PM2.

Your cana€™t individualize your order when the processes begin. Read on to determine how you can act upon one particular tool in your process document.


Any measures used (begin, resume, reload, end) straight away to the JSON construction file can be passed to all the steps within that file. Precisely, should you decide do the pm2 restart demand right on your JSON settings file, all determined activities within that document come restarted straight away.

To act on a solitary software within a JSON document, you need to take a look at as a result of area.

Function Only just one Software Within an ongoing process Document

In times when make sure you act on the JSON setting but simply need to address a single software, can be done that with the addition of the –only discussion to your pm2 order. For instance, if you ought to get started on the employee procedures best, start in this way:

As soon as established, you can just manage active PM2 steps the standard strategy.


Static designs in JS, JSON or YAML style are generally an easy solution to supply complex customizations your methods which get was able with PM2. An individual dona€™t have to recall the individual directions you’lla€™d if not pertain making use of demand range electricity.

This guide showed you ways to outline over a solitary software within a JSON data reveal employ that to JS and YAML as well. Creating many application meanings in a single file may benefit an individual in a variety of scenarios. Check behavior which can be used with reference to the JSON document, because theya€™re completed on every identified application. Should you want to address a single application make use of the –only point.

Do you possess farther along query on PM2 or Node.js by and large? Just try to let uns recognize on Twitter @futurestud_io or put a comment below.

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