Appears like an apt update was granted without a reboot. Removed user christian mingle

Appears like an apt update was granted without a reboot. Removed user christian mingle

Ditto happened certainly to me after a suitable improve reboot. Today the os works on kernel 4.19 and evok can not access the modules. In my opinion the kernel segments tend to be incompatible because of the brand new kernel.

Merely new install of unipian ended up being the best way to obtain the os working again without issuing likely improve. Clean apply additionally fails from a clean raspbian stretching with github install guidance.

Last day i ruined my working UniPian-Neuron-OS-2019-01-07-v1.9 with an appropriate modify and likely improve. The evok service don’t beginning again after providing this directions.

Today i make an effort to reinstall from clean raspbian extend lite image there seems to be equivalent problem (handbook from github)

Something incorrect here? Steps to make a clear set-up? And ways to maintain all time working network product informed.

Today i will buy the outdated UniPian Image and not implement the likely update command 🙁

And here you will find the outputs from the build commands:

Hello, The evok webssocket just delivers the varying values(temperature) through the DS18B20 detectors. If quite a few years a sensor importance maybe not adjustment, no importance is actually send for this duration. Can you really submit like every five full minutes the old unchanged appreciate?

One DS18B20 are bad. To locate this detector wasn’t effortless. Therefore, I have each data line of the sensors (heating) separately linked to the coach then tried the 1-wire coach. (if the warming detector information wires is disconnected, others 2 sensors become transmitting standards) never did I disconnect GND and + 5V to a sensor. Unfortunately the easy hookup of this sensor information ware was not sufficient, because EVOK didn’t provide any brand new values. Only a restart of this component could discover a functioning detector / 1-wire coach within about a minute. Without restart, the value comes in believed 5-10 moments, when the shuttle works well .

6 sensor cable in one clamp, the faulty was actually there. The detector cable include drilled along after which make the WAGO clamp.

1-wire sensors tend to be destroyed after some time of use. including the tape-recorded information (via node-red to influxdb):

I attempted to restart via ssh (M203 component), this doesn’t help (following latest things near 07:45). There’s absolutely no problems inside document techniques using made use of MicroSD cards (SanDisk serious professional) the evok webinterface reveals N/A for your defined sensors into the evok.cfg

For wiring I take advantage of a 2x2x0,8 EIB cable tv. Cable duration are different to your detectors (in a variety of 5-15 m)

afterwards i’ll get photographs associated with the wiring things to determine all things become ok. ( I think there clearly was some concern in 1-wire port or evok )

Would it be wanted to integrate a setting work in evok for such sorts of sensor? (yet others)

Force average for neuron os non-payments above 1.1 Would It Be regular for consumption with evok? Or perhaps is there some problem?

will there be a way to alter the configuration registers making use of EVOK API for DS18B20 sensor?

Which method I am able to arranged the accuracy the detectors?

With 10 detectors from inside the 1wire no newer standards is transmitted, i do believe there was some sort of hick up/problem into the 1wire shuttle. the EVOK web interface and in node red no brand new beliefs are displayed/transmitted.

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