SuperSearch Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) is a collaborative interdisciplinary research effort between University of California San Diego (groups of Schuller, Basov and Shpyrko), University o best gay chat rooms f California Irvine (Fisk group) and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (Guptasarma group) aimed at materials discovery of new class of high temperature superconductors.

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Mission Statement: The search for materials with novel properties, new superconductors in particular, is a difficult and sometimes tedious task. It is difficult because a deliberate search for new superconducting materials in a particular system is rarely successful. As a consequence, the discovery of these new materials has been mostly accidental since the discovery of the phenomenon. Moreover this is a tedious task because the systems under study are usually materials consisting of several elements with complex phase diagrams. The interesting novel superconducting properties generally occur in a very narrow phase diagram region where superconducting and non-superconducting phases are likely to coexist. In some ways, the search for new materials is akin to the search for a “needle in a haystack” in which most of the material is “irrelevant”.

Based on the past history of discoveries in superconductivity clearly some novel unconventional ideas are needed. Our method consists of a fast process for discarding most of the (“uninteresting”) non-superconducting part of a multinary phase diagram. This is done by combinadult chat rooms ing a parallel method for the preparation of highly inhomogeneous samples (“phase spread alloy”) together with a fast, sensitive screening using Magnetic Field Modulated Microwave Spectroscopy (MFMMS). Once a sample containing a minority superconducting phase is identified, comprehensive and quantitative structural, transport and magnetic methods are applied to identify the phase responsible for the superconductivity.

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Experimental Techniques




  • Magnetic Field Modulated Microwave Spectroscopy (MFMMS)
  • Magnetotransport
  • Phase Spread Alloys
  • X-ray refinement


  • Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
  • Magneto-optics
  • MIR-NIR-Vis-UV Ellipsometry
  • Scanning Near Field Nanoscopy
  • Broadband Near Field Spectroscopy


  • X-ray scanning nanodiffraction (structural analysis)
  • X-ray scanning nanofluorescence (chemical analysis)
  • Synchrotron based scattering, spectroscopy and microscopy techniques
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • Conductive AFM


  • materials synthesis
  • flux growth of single crystals
  • specific heat
  • transport and magnetic characterization


  • Floating Zone Single Crystal Growth of complex materials.
  • Growth of Nanocrystals of complex materials using sol gel, hydrothermal synthesis, and other wet techniques.
  • Cryogenic Properties (0.4-300K, 0-9 Tesla): specific heat, electrical resistivity, magnetic properties, dielectric properties (function of frequency), ultrasound propagation.
  • X-ray Diffraction: Crystal Structure Refinement.
  • Synchrotron-based X-ray absorption: XANES and EXAFS.
  • Synchrotron based X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (XPS) with variable temperature.



  • A. Basaran
  • M. Erekhinsky
  • S. Guenon
  • C. M. Monton
  • G. Ramirez
  • Y. Rosen
  • T. Saerbeck
  • I. Valmianski
  • J. de la Venta
  • J. P. Viterbo
  • S. Wang


  • M. Marsh
  • J. W. Kim


  • S. J. Moon
  • A.Schafgans
  • O.Khatib


  • T. Grant
  • D-J. Kim
  • P. Pagliuso
  • A. J. S. Machado (departed)
  • C. Capan (departed)


  • N. Smith (PhD student)
  • D. Gelting (graduate intern)
  • S. Sen (postdoc)
  • J. A. Dudek (postdoc)
  • A. J. Fehl
  • N. Gryga
  • Y. Zou (past postdoc, now faculty at SIAP and SSRF synchrotron)
  • S. K. Ray (past graduate intern, graduated PhD, now at IBM-NY)
  • M.S. Williamsen (past graduate intern, graduated PhD, now at QD San Diego)
  • A. Mukarram (past graduate intern, moved)
  • M.A. Stevens (past graduate intern, graduated with MS)

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