Let me make it clear about Tinder stalker left a bathroom mirror message before he stabbed girl

Let me make it clear about Tinder stalker left a bathroom mirror message before he stabbed girl

By Megan Gorrey

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Minutes before Paul Lambert plunged a blade 11 times into his one-time Tinder date, Angela Jay, and doused her in petrol as she bled, he’d showered and scrawled an email in condensation regarding the restroom mirror.

“I like Paul,” it read.

Paul Lambert had been the topic of 10 apprehended violence sales from five split females. Credit: Facebook

Mr Lambert had broken into Dr Jay’s home in Port Macquarie and stashed duct tape, cable ties and knives in her own bedside cabinet on November 3 in 2016, court papers stated. He then had waited.

Dr Jay got house and re-heated spaghetti bolognaise for lunch about 5pm. Whenever she moved into her room Mr Lambert burst through the wardrobe and clamped their arms over her lips.

She attempted to flee, but he grabbed a blade and stabbed her when you look at the upper body, legs and arms before he single christian cafe poured the gas over her human body. It made her skin slippery, and she escaped their hold.

Dr Jay — who may have since develop into a violence that is domestic advocate — fled your house, screaming, to have assistance from her neighbors. Within hours, her attacker could be dead.

Dr Angela Jay had been doused and stabbed in petrol by a guy she came across on Tinder. Credit: Facebook

Mr Lambert had fled your home following the attack and driven north before he called Dr Jay’s phone and asked the paramedic who replied, “how is she?” and said “I don’t suggest to accomplish it”.

In a flurry of telephone calls and texting to police and household members, Mr Lambert stated he would stabbed his gf and attempted to set her alight, in which he threatened self-harm.

Police eventually confronted Mr Lambert while he brandished a blade within a tense, six-minute stand-off beside the Pacific Highway regarding the NSW Mid-North Coast following a pursuit.

Officers shot him dead as he lunged towards all of them with the blade.

Those officers had no option but to pull the trigger on Mr Lambert given their actions, an inquest into their death available on Friday.

The set’s brief relationship finished in bloody tragedy but had started for a dating application a few months early in the day.

Dr Jay, a trainee obstetrician and gynaecologist, came across Mr Lambert, a banker from Kogarah in Sydney’s south, on Tinder plus the set dated at under 8 weeks.

Their long-distance relationship soured and Dr Jay finished it after she started to feel overrun by their increasingly possessive and behaviour that is controlling.

He begun to emotionally Dr that is manipulate Jay making her feel she could not reject him. He threatened self-harm and committing suicide, stated to possess psychological diseases and feigned the fatalities of nearest and dearest.

It reflected a pattern of intimate partner physical physical violence against numerous previous girlfriends over several years, Acting NSW Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan stated in her own findings.

“Sometimes he’d contact family relations of intimate partners while making threats of damage or developed identities that are false stalk lovers.

“He would claim diagnoses of varied emotional problems to excuse their behavior, implying which he experienced a dissociative or numerous character condition.”

He often known himself as “bad Paul” or “evil Paul”. At one phase, Mr Lambert advertised to own nine characters.

A coroner stated Paul Lambert’s family members talked at an inquest of “a kinder, gentler and much more complex individual than evidence had revealed”.

Mr Lambert had been additionally the topic of 10 apprehended violence that is domestic concerning five females, including Dr Jay, between 2003 and 2016. He had breached those sales on three occasions.

The thirty days ahead of the assault, Dr Jay confided to a buddy with his threats of self-harm that she was scared and felt Mr Lambert was emotionally blackmailing her. He was reported by her to police.

“The strategies of manipulation might appear apparent in retrospect however they had been simple and insidious at that time, involving levels of escalating psychological punishment,” the coroner stated.

“It resulted in an erosion of Dr Jay’s confidence and self-worth and to her doubting her very own judgment along with her behaviour this is certainly very own.

Into the months prior to the assault, Mr Lambert stalked Dr Jay and took secrets from her key band, prompting her to get an apprehended domestic physical violence purchase that had been never ever offered.

Ms O’Sullivan stated there clearly was no feasible intervention within the last fourteen days of Mr Lambert’s life that may have avoided the “tragic result”. The prospect that is best of intervention will have been detecting he breached a Queensland parole purchase by staying in NSW, she stated.

A warrant for the breach would probably have resulted in Mr Lambert’s arrest and, possibly, psychiatric therapy, ahead of the assault, she stated.

The coroner discovered there clearly was no option to force that is lethal authorities shot him.

She stated among the officers “reflects from the death every single day and desperately wants that there might happen a various result and he may have ‘sent Paul house’ to their household”.

“Firing shots ended up being demonstrably a final resort.”

The coroner suggested NSW Police continue steadily to explore non-lethal choices, including shields, for knife-wielding offenders.

She additionally recommended law enforcement force consider information that is implementing systems to end people who have outstanding AVOs buying knives without having a check.

Getting assistance on your own, or some one you understand, call the nationwide domestic violence hotline on 1800 737 732 or Mensline on 1800 600 636.

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