Muslim Marriage in India. The first concept of the job nikah could be the real relationship between guy and girl.

Muslim Marriage in India. The first concept of the job nikah could be the real relationship between guy and girl.

A person cannot marry their foster mom, nor sister that is foster unless the foster sibling and sibling had been nursed by exactly the same mom at periods commonly divided. But a guy may marry the caretaker of his sister that is foster the foster mom of their cousin.

Exception- # Sister’s foster mom # Foster-sister’s mother # Foster-son’s sister # Foster-brother’s sibling

Relative Incapacity from situation which render the wedding irregular only provided that the reason which creaes the club occur,the minute it really is eliminated,the incapacity ends and also the wedding becomes legitimate and binding.

Unlawful union # Marrying a fifth spouse # Marrying a lady undergoing iddat # Marrying a non-Muslim # lack of appropriate witnesses # lady opting for an additional wedding even with the presence of the marriage that is first. # Marrying during pilgrimage # Marrying own divorced spouse

Prohibitory Incapacity It arises into the following situations: (a) Polyandry- it indicates the very fact of getting one or more is forbidden in the system that is muslim a married females cannot marry second time as long as the very first wedding subsists. (b) Muslim girl marrying a non-muslim- a married relationship of a female that is muslim a non muslim male made whether he be Christian or jew or an idolater or even a fire worshipper is irregular in the wild under sunni legislation and void under shia legislation.

Directory Incapacity # this could arise away from: Marrying a lady enciente # Prohibition of breakup # wedding during pilgrimage # wedding having a man that is sick

Facets of wedding

Legitimate Wedding (Sahih)

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A valid marriage is that which has been constituted in accordance with the essential conditioned prescribed earlier under the Muslim law. It confers upon the spouse; the best of dower, upkeep and residence, imposes on her behalf responsibility to be faithful and obedient to her husband, acknowledge sexual activity with him and observe Iddat.

Irregular Wedding (Fasid)

Those marriages that are results of problems on section of events in non fulfillment of prerequisites however are also marriages; become ended by one of many celebration is termed become Irregular marriages. They’re upshot of- (a) a wedding without witness (Not under Shia legislation) (b) wedding with 5th spouse. (c) Marriage having a ladies iddat that is undergoing. (d) wedding by having a fire-worshipper. ( e) wedding results of club of illegal conjunction.

An irregular wedding has no appropriate impact before consummation nevertheless when consummated bring about a few legal rights & responsibilities.

Void Marriage (Batil)

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A married relationship that is illegal from it is starting. It generally does not produce any rights that are civil responsibilities involving the events. The offspring of a marriage that is void illegitimate. They have been results of- (a) wedding through forced consent. (b) Plurality of husband. (c) wedding forbidden on the floor of consanguinity. (d) wedding forbidden on the floor of affinity. ( ag e) wedding prohibited on the floor of fosterage


In Islam, iddah or iddat (Arabic: amount of waiting) is an interval after a breakup, during which a female may well not marry another guy. The time scale is determined in the true amount of menses that a lady has, often three. Iddah had been meant to make certain that the parent that is male of offspring produced following the cessation of a nikah will be understood.

Iddat after loss of husband[4]-

Qur’an prohibits widows to interact by themselves for four (4) lunar months and ten (10) times following the loss of their husbands. It is and to ascertain whether a lady is expecting or otherwise not, since four . 5 months is half the size of an ordinary pregnancy.

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