Marriage in Victoria. One of the celebrants at the Victorian relationships Registry

Marriage in Victoria. One of the celebrants at the Victorian relationships Registry

For attached in Victoria, you have to:

  • Hookup with qualifications needs
  • Hotel a Notice of Intended wedding (NOIM)
  • Become wedded by a registered civilized wedding celebrant or an authorised minister of institution
  • Need 2 witnesses attend your wedding ritual.

If you’d like to collect partnered with the Victorian Marriage Registry:

Exact same gender marriage

In Australia, the law makes it possible for relationships between both opposite-sex and same-sex people.


You are able to wed in Victoria if you’re:

  • Outdated 18 age or more mature, or
  • Between 16 and 18 yrs old, marrying a person who’s at the least 18 yrs . old.

If you’re 16 or 17 years of age, before you wed you need to get:

  • a writ from a judge or magistrate creating the marriage, and
  • Penned agree out of your folks.
  • Be currently hitched to other people
  • Marry a close relation (mom, grandparent, youngsters, grandchild, twin or sister).

Resort A The Time To Find Out Designed Union

Make sure you dwell a the time to find out desired union (NOIM) a minumum of one week before wedding ceremony time.

Celebrants and ministers

Relationships in Victoria ought to be done by an authorised celebrant, such as for instance:

  • One of the celebrants during the Victorian Matrimony Registry
  • Territory officers at some regional process of law (contact your neighborhood courtroom for information)
  • Commonwealth-registered wedding celebrants (witness Australian administration Attorney-General’s section web site (exterior connect) for a listing)
  • Ministers of religion of recognised denominations.


Wedding function 1961 while the Marriage restrictions regulate relationship around australia. They specify the needs that a wedding ceremony must encounter.

The design and style and duration of the service depends on you. You’ll go with:

  • A straightforward ceremony that also includes just the lawful requirement
  • A prolonged ritual.

Your very own celebrant or minister will show you the phraseology your commemoration must include.

There is no preset price for a marriage ceremony in Victoria. Affirm expense with the celebrant or minister before reserving wedding ceremony.

Witnesses at your wedding ceremony

Needed two witnesses in your marriage service, towards:

  • See the service
  • Sign wedding records.

Witnesses might any loved one or friend who’s about 18 years.

Proof of marriage

On the wedding day, you will get a commemorative union certificates. It is not just like a legitimate relationships certificates and generally cannot be used for certified purposes as evidence of your own marriage.

As soon as your matrimony try licensed (your celebrant or minister will do this), you can actually get a legitimate union certificates.

Changing your brand

In most instances, you should not submit an application for an adjustment of brand to battle your partner’s children label. Determine Changing your brand after wedding, split or separation.

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